Digitization, Connectivity and Smartness

Our innovative solutions and services enable organizations to be future ready. We utilize technology as a driver for business transformation.

Enercom is committed to provide the best in class innovative solutions of the future in line with digitization, connectivity, and smartness of the operations. By focusing on smart, clean and location-based technologies; Enercom solutions and services help industries and businesses to be competent in increasingly hyper competitive economy. We deliver the most comprehensive solutions in challenging and complex environments.

Enterprise IT

Businesses today face fierce competition and new challenges. It’s time to optimize the return from your IT initiatives. Get the right consulting and professional services partner today.

While new technologies and business models hold significant potential for IT to better deliver to the expectations of the business, such initiatives need to be comprehensively planned and coherently managed. By drawing on our understanding of the value derived from big data, analytics, cloud, virtualization, and traditional technology advancements, along with in-depth architectural, process, governance and technical expertise, we help you evaluate your business from every angle to deliver an appropriate customized solution to meet your specific business environment and goals.

Enercom relies on proven methodologies for building fully integrated solutions to address your operational issues, IT and business requirements. By using comprehensive and well established methodologies, we offer the advantage of consistency in the way we engage, initiate, discover, construct, re end and execute solutions within your IT environment. Enercom’s team of consultants and professional services experts are available to support the execution of these projects, or build a comprehensive transformation plan to modernize the entire it infrastructure.

Digital initiatives can deliver substantial business benefits to an organization. As a leading IT service provider, we recognize and understand emerging technologies better than our competitors. The unique, diverse expertise of our certified consultants well experienced in IT, management and business allows us to provide comprehensive strategic, architectural, and operational services to help you navigate your business digital transformation in a structured and risk-controlled manner, considering all critical factors and interdependencies associated with new IT initiatives.

Smart Technologies

It’s not where smart technologies can take you; it’s how much you want to be.

Our world is getting smarter and smarter. Business, operation, and engineering intelligence are the ultimate goal of all technology initiatives. The result is more flexibility, faster operations, lower risk, better quality, higher business continuity, more efficiency, less energy consumption, and more sustainability in the day to day activities regardless of where and in which industry and sector these activities are being held.

The revolutions in real-time sensing, connectivity, and cloud computing, under the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) in general and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) specifically, are the drivers of this smartness. These technologies along with smart 3D modeling are leading us to the new world of smart manufacturing known as “Industrie 4.0”, smart energy, smart utilities, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart government, and smart cities.

Recent advancements in technologies such as Geomatics and GIS create location awareness services and intelligence. Laser scanning of geometric characteristics of industrial equipment and constructional structures create detailed identical digital versions of them in the form of smart 3D models. These combined with mobile computing and big data analytics offer a new horizon of smartness revolutionizing the way we live, work and interact.

Commuinications and Networking

The power of connectivity, mobility, collaboration, location awareness, and real-time access

In today’s age of information, communication technologies are rapidly changing. New user devices and advanced new applications are continuously being introduced that require higher bandwidth and service quality. It is challenging for any organization to ensure that their network infrastructure is capable of optimally supporting the new application service requirements and expanding number of devices being added to the network on a continued basis. Keeping up with the new technologies requires a wise investment in network infrastructure.

We provide both Enterprise and Service Provider (Carrier) level services. With the growing trend towards unified Converged Communication Services over a common IP-based network, enterprise networks are demanding high availability, real-time communication, and quality of services which was traditionally designed into carrier networks. Our adapted services are suitable for all type of organizations in different sectors from government and public sector to vertical industries such as oil & gas, power, utilities, manufacturing, and banking.

Enercom’s communications and network design services are designed to help organizations keep pace with this rapidly changes environment. We have the expertise and experience required to ensure that your connectivity and network continue to operate with optimal cost and performance. We offer services for any type of network to meet any specific challenge, be it capacity, performance, service quality, availability or addition of new service technologies.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

The opportunity for loss is great, but so is the opportunity to prevent that loss.

Through the world’s first safety standard, 5-Star Health & Safety Management System™, which incorporates 80 separate but inter-woven HSE areas, Enercom can help you to have the opportunity to prevent losses. Our globally renowned consultants are pioneer in pro-active measurement of safety, risk management, and loss control. Some of the major clients like Gulf Canada, Exxon Mobil, BP, ABBOTT Laboratories, Avon Medicals, and China Light & Power have saved millions of dollars through the implementation of the 5-Star System or enjoyed our consultants’ services.

Enercom provides the means to anticipate and manage the risks and threats through a proprietary process of measurement, evaluation, training and implementation. We provide cost effective, professional services which dovetail with your overall mission statement. Through your partnership with us you can expect positive influence on your total cost of risk, company image, and legal peace of mind. Let us put your loss prevention management system in line with international standards through taking you on a step by step program of progressive improvement.

Enercom health and safety services are both guaranteed to achieve mutually agreed objectives and provide certification valid worldwide. We are offering a broad range of services for occupational safety on different subject areas and in different industries such as oil and gas, power, water and utilities, healthcare, and construction by a team of qualified and experienced consultants headed by a renowned award winner safety specialist.