Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

The opportunity for loss is great, but so is the opportunity to prevent that loss.

Through the world’s first safety standard, 5-Star Health & Safety Management System™, which incorporates 80 separate but inter-woven HSE areas, Enercom can help you to have the opportunity to prevent losses. Our globally renowned consultants are pioneer in pro-active measurement of safety, risk management, and loss control. Some of the major clients like Gulf Canada, Exxon Mobil, BP, ABBOTT Laboratories, Avon Medicals, and China Light & Power have saved millions of dollars through the implementation of the 5-Star System or enjoyed our consultants’ services.

Enercom provides the means to anticipate and manage the risks and threats through a proprietary process of measurement, evaluation, training and implementation. We provide cost effective, professional services which dovetail with your overall mission statement. Through your partnership with us you can expect positive influence on your total cost of risk, company image, and legal peace of mind. Let us put your loss prevention management system in line with international standards through taking you on a step by step program of progressive improvement.

Enercom health and safety services are both guaranteed to achieve mutually agreed objectives and provide certification valid worldwide. We are offering a broad range of services for occupational safety on different subject areas and in different industries such as oil and gas, power, water and utilities, healthcare, and construction by a team of qualified and experienced consultants headed by a renowned award winner safety specialist.

Enercom Cross-Industry HSE Services
Enercom cross-industry HSE services cover a wide spectrum of occupational health and safety subject areas applicable to all industry sectors and businesses. These services fall in the main following categories:
  • • HSE Management
  • • Environmental Health and Safety
  • • Equipment and Machinery Safety
  • • Ergonomics and Human Factors
Enercom Industry-Specific HSE Services
Enercom has developed customized HSE programs tailored to fit the nature, environment and requirements of a wide range of different industries led by the following specialized program s:
  • • HSE in Oil & Gas
  • • HSE in Construction
  • • HSE in Healthcare and Hospitals