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Through smart technologies, industries and businesses are surrounded with innovations that bring them transformation toward real progress. That includes operations and infrastructures that are being innovated.

Enercom Canada, is a recognized leader in providing Information Technology consulting and professional services in Hi-Tech and software solutions for the energy industry. Having worked with North American and international companies since 1998, Enercom has established a proven record in helping organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Enercom solutions and services for energy industry focuses on smart and digital oilfield and includes but not limited to real-time remote data monitoring, operational intelligence, engineering analytics, GIS location-based solutions, remote sites wireless connectivity, and HSE.

E-SITE Real-Time Intelligent Drilling

Transform Oil and Gas Drilling Data into Action

E-SITE transforms drilling data into action, helping users make better decisions faster.
Our integration of real-time data, daily reporting and analytic tools lets you optimize drilling operations.
E-SITE facilitates collaboration and integration between people, data and action for more efficient and effective operations

Enercom E-SITE Solution

Enercom E-SITE Solution

In recent years, the ability to remotely monitor, record, share and analyze information on rig operations has improved significantly. An important enabler in this capability has been the development, and broad adoption, of WITSML (Well Information Standard Markup Language) standard. However, even with this standard, the ability to effectively share data on a broader scale between wells, fields and blocks has been a challenge as silos of implementations took place without thought to the broader scale.

Enercom`s leading edge E-SITE WITSML solution delivers the full power of WITSML to integrate real-time well-site data across teams and with the people and processes at regional and central centers. E-SITE enables more effective collaboration between the drilling and geological and geophysical team during execution. It provides major oil companies like SOC the ability to monitor and supervise the drilling operations executing by their contractors or partners securing the efficiency, quality, speed and accuracy while reducing the risks.

It improves the collaboration among all stakeholders inside SOC and across the whole value chain of your operations and projects. E-SITE brings you continuously up to the second data and intelligence you need from all your remote operations executed in different places by your team or conducted by others for you. As the only Canadian company to have developed and owns this smart technology and one of the few providers around the world, we will be happy to work with you on this crucial project and equip you with the latest technology in smart oilfield.