Communications and Networking

The power of connectivity, mobility, collaboration, location awareness, and real-time access

In today’s age of information, communication technologies are rapidly changing. New user devices and advanced new applications are continuously being introduced that require higher bandwidth and service quality. It is challenging for any organization to ensure that their network infrastructure is capable of optimally supporting the new application service requirements and expanding number of devices being added to the network on a continued basis. Keeping up with the new technologies requires a wise investment in network infrastructure.

We provide both Enterprise and Service Provider (Carrier) level services. With the growing trend towards unified Converged Communication Services over a common IP-based network, enterprise networks are demanding high availability, real-time communication, and quality of services which was traditionally designed into carrier networks. Our adapted services are suitable for all type of organizations in different sectors from government and public sector to vertical industries such as oil & gas, power, utilities, manufacturing, and banking.

Enercom’s communications and network design services are designed to help organizations keep pace with this rapidly changes environment. We have the expertise and experience required to ensure that your connectivity and network continue to operate with optimal cost and performance. We offer services for any type of network to meet any specific challenge, be it capacity, performance, service quality, availability or addition of new service technologies.

Enercom provides communications services in the following areas:
eTOM Group of Standards
  • • Design and implementation of eTOM framework for telecommunications business processes and operations
  • • Related standards in eTOM family such as SID and TAM telecommunications information and application reference models respectively
Emerging Communications Technologies
  • • Next Generation Networks (NGN)
  • • Next Generation Operational Support Systems (NGOSS)
  • • Working Level Agreement (WLA)
Emerging Communications Technologies
  • • Network assessment
  • • Network architecture development
  • • Network requirements analysis
  • • Network design and planning
  • • Network migration planning
  • • Network Threat Risk Analysis (TRA)
  • • Network integration
Remote Locations Communications
  • • Long distance wireless connectivity of remote locations
  • • Private smart telephony and collaboration system