Oil and Gas

Smart Digital Oilfield, integrated operations and collaborating across operational departments are critical to operational transformation and controlling operational complexity.

Achieving operational excellence requires new business processes backed by proven technologies. Given the changing conditions that are constantly occurring in the oil field, oil companies and drilling companies must be able to adapt quickly and transform operations as needed. Rigid standalone systems neither facilitate adaptability, nor the necessary synergies and savings which every drilling operator requires in today’s fast paced environment – the very essence of a digital oilfield. In that regard you will note a pronounced improvement in day-to-day operations, accomplished with greater speed and efficiency.

Enercom digital oilfield solutions are designed for streamlined and seamless operations boosted by fast decision-making. Critical to smart oilfield operations is the ability to respond quickly to changing and disruptive situations. Access to Real-time data by the all operational departments is critical to responding quickly and for operations providing best optimal performance. Integrated Operations is about ensuring people, processes and technology work much more efficiently together.

The most striking part of Integrated Operations has been between offshore platforms and land-based offices. This includes broadband connections. Integrated operations is all about increased cooperation, independent of location, between operators, maintenance personnel, electricians, production management as well as business management and suppliers to provide a more streamlined operation. It is all about Operational intelligence and breaking down the Information silos in the oil companies. A large oil company is typically organized in functional silos corresponding to disciplines such as drilling, production and reservoir management.

E-SITE Real-Time Remote Drilling Monitoring and Analysis
E-SITE is based on global industry standard of WITSML (Well Information Transmission Standard Markup Language) and provides all well drilling data available at the main office in real time for remote monitoring, operation management, real time reporting, data and workflow integration, and fast and wise decision making in a collaborative environment.
E-PIPE GIS-Based Pipeline Integrity Management system
E-PIPE is a comprehensive location-based solution for oil and gas pipeline integrity management that incorporates GIS, 360°panoramic views and many other advanced technologies to make the management of the pipeline network more intelligent. By using E-PIPE you can manage all aspects of your piping network in a hybrid environment of centralized and distributed options.
Oilfield Wireless Remote Connectivity
Enercom oilfield remote wireless connection is an innovative cost effective, more secure and private point to point solution to the current remote connectivity option of satellite for offshore oilfields up to 200 kilometers far from the shore.
Offshore Internal Smart Telephony and Collaboration System
Enercom Offshore Smart Telephony provides the oilfield all the collaborative functionality which is available onshore in a private environment of the local oilfield. This includes messaging, notification, presence, location awareness, GPS, tracking, emailing, voice mail, and more.
HSE for Oil and Gas Operations
Enercom provides the whole range of health, safety and environment services and standardization tailored specifically for oil and gas operational environment. This includes Offshore Safety & Environmental Management Systems (SEMS), Oil & Gas 5-Star Health & Safety Management System™, Oilfield Site Safety Audits, and Special Safety issues in Oil & Gas industry.

E-SITE Real-Time Intelligent Remote Drilling

Transform Oil and Gas Drilling Data into Action

E-SITE transforms drilling data into action, helping users make better decisions faster. Our WITSML based integration of real-time data, daily reporting and analytic tools lets you optimize drilling operations. E-SITE facilitates collaboration and integration between people, data and action for more efficient and effective operations

E-SITE WITSML Suite: Outstanding Performance Gain
In recent years, the ability to remotely monitor, record, share and analyze information on rig operations has improved significantly. An important enabler in this capability has been the development, and broad adoption, of WITSML (Well Information Standard Markup Language) standard. However, even with this standard, the ability to effectively share data on a broader scale between wells, fields and blocks has been a challenge as silos of implementations took place without thought to the broader scale.

Enercom`s leading edge E-SITE WITSML solution delivers the full power of WITSML to integrate real-time well-site data across teams and with the people and processes at regional and central centers. E-SITE enables more effective collaboration between the drilling and geological and geophysical team during execution. It provides major oil companies like SOC the ability to monitor and supervise the drilling operations executing by their contractors or partners securing the efficiency, quality, speed and accuracy while reducing the risks.

It improves the collaboration among all stakeholders inside SOC and across the whole value chain of your operations and projects. E-SITE brings you continuously up to the second data and intelligence you need from all your remote operations executed in different places by your team or conducted by others for you. As the only Canadian company to have developed and owns this smart technology and one of the few providers around the world, we will be happy to work with you on this crucial project and equip you with the latest technology in smart oilfield.

E-PIPE Pipeline Integrity Management

GIS-Based Pipeline and Piping Network Management System

Being able to organize all pipeline network data around the location of assets is a cornerstone of E-PIPE integrity management.

Enercom PIMS is one of the most advanced Pipeline Integrity Management System in the market which creates an optimum balance among cost, safety and reliability for pipeline management.

The system is a collection of pipeline management components to ensure integrity and adequate performance of pipelines. This solution will assist pipeline operators in designing Pipeline Integrity Management systems, which comply with the latest regulations and standards, such as “ASME B31.8S”, “DOT 49 CFR 192", and “EN 16348:2013”.

E-PIPE is a GIS and location based system that maintains the detailed drawings, route maps, aerial photos, and satellite images in time stamped mode. Its 360 degree Google style view of the pipeline and stations is a powerful tool in managing the pipeline network.

The system calculates the relative risk factors and creates risk profiles for the whole pipeline and its segments. Through this process it is easy to identify the high risk points caused by insufficient coverage, under- or overprotection and active corrosion in order to be repaired or mitigated.

E-PIPE system has the capability of inventory management, facility management, rehabilitation, asset management, procurement management, cost analysis, crisis management, rupture analysis, repair management, warnings and alerting, leak detection, dynamic segmentation, workflow management, change management, pipeline assessment ( DA, ILI, Pressure test), pipeline threats identification, destructive and non-destructive testing, high consequence area (HCA) identification, fitness-for-service, FFS assessment, customizable report generation, dispatching and SCADA connectivity, cathodic protection system, risk based Inspection, and much more.

GIS (Geographic Information System) is the core component in E-PIPE creating the ability to organize all of the data in the pipeline network around the location of assets. It organizes by the location the information from a wide variety of operational systems such as inspection, maintenance, risk management, impact analysis, supply management, job design, asset management, cathodic protection, network analysis, facility management, work management, scheduling and dispatching. Being able to organize and locate your asset information is a cornerstone of E-PIPE integrity management.

E-PIPE consists of many components to deliver a vast variety of applications and services. The main components and modules are:

  • • Maintenance management
  • • Preventative maintenance capability
  • • Crisis management
  • • Warnings and alerts
  • • Leak detection management
  • • Asset management
  • • Performance management
  • • Capability to manage Dispatching and SCADA data
  • • Dynamic segmentation (linear referencing)
  • • Pipeline assessment (DA, ILI, pressure test)
  • • Pipeline threats identification
  • • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Destructive Tests (DT)
  • • High Consequence Area (HCA) identification
  • • Fitness-for-service (FFS) assessment
  • • Customizable report generator