Your Digital Partner In Smart Technologies

Enercom Canada is a recognized leader in providing information technology consulting and professional services including new high technologies and enterprise level software solutions for the energy industry, utilities and public sector. Having worked with North American and international companies since 1998, Enercom has established a proven record of success in helping organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Enercom offers innovative solutions using emerging proven technologies and industry accepted standards to selected industries to make them agile and smarter. Enercom is dedicated to bringing best global practices, leading technologies and state-of-the-art solutions and offers integrated services on three main perspectives of an organization: Business, Management, and Operational technologies.

Enercom’s knowledge and experience comes from the professionalism of its consultants and support staff. Each consultant has achieved very high recognition and achievement in their area of specialty. Of particular strength is the experience of its consultants in public- and enterprise-level planning and program management.

Primary, Enercom has been a consulting firm providing professional technology based services to management and businesses however, the services has been extended over the time to development, commissioning and support.

Solution and Product Development
Enercom is developing and providing smart products and solutions using advanced technologies in the area of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data and Analytics, Data and Operation Integration, Wireless Connectivity, GIS, Location Based Services and Mobility to bring real time access and collaboration environment to the operations and businesses and make them agile and smart.

A wide range of commissioning services is available for Enercom products and solutions such as customization, deployment, data migration, systems integration, and technology infrastructure design and deployment.

Enercom provides around the clock multi-layer support services for its products and solutions through local and global centers. We both licensing our software solutions as well as offering them in the form of Software as a Services (SaaS) using cloud based infrastructure and services.

Flagship Products and Solutions
As a high technology engineering and consulting firm Enercom’s particular strengths and experience are in planning technology and providing solutions to the energy industry. Enercom solutions for the oil and gas specifically address the operational needs of upstream and midstream sectors and focuses on smart and digital oilfield.

E-SITE Product Suite
Enercom’s state of the art E-SITE product suite collects real-time operational data from rig sites and transmits them in WITSML standard format to central offices in real-time and analyse them for optimized operations. This allows real-time monitoring for better decision making, higher quality, faster drilling process and cost savings. The solution also reduces the need of highly skilled professionals and sophisticated supporting technologies at remote oilfield locations.

E-PIPE Product Suite
Enercom’s E-PIPE, a GIS and location based Pipeline Integrity Management System for O&G pipeline networks. The solution is one of the most advanced and comprehensive systems of its kind in the market which creates an optimum balance among cost, safety, and reliability for pipeline. The system is a collection of pipeline management components to ensure proper pipeline performance.

Utility Bill Analysis Tool (UBAT)
Enercom Utility Bill Analysis Tool (UBAT) is an energy intelligence and management tool that is tailored to various assessment requirements and to accommodate different utility measures. The software looks at utility usage and analyzes the trend on consumption and cost. Carbon emission is calculated and a graphical interpretation of data is presented. The benchmarking option compares the usage with government standards and with facilities of same occupancy, operations and climate.

Health & Safety Management System™
5-Star Health & Safety Management System™ is a globally recognized, comprehensive and customizable HSE certification system developed by Enercom HSE lead, Dr. Pomfret that covers 78 elements of the health and safety management, each with a numeric weighted score.