Government and Public Sector

Governments and public sector can bring innovative intelligent services, operation, and infrastructure into their portfolio of offering to the enabled and smart citizens. This is what we call it “Smart Government”.

Federal, state/provincial, and local governments along with other public service providers are facing unprecedented challenges. Maintaining citizen safety, security, and quality of life has never been more critical. Public organizations are expected to perform their customary responsibilities with excellence while taking on imperatives that range from homeland defense to electronic services, from information sharing to information assurance. They must also work in close collaboration with colleagues both inside and outside their own organizations to respond to the high public expectations.

Today, citizens demand more and better services from government and public service providers – simpler, faster, more accessible, lower cost, and better quality. Digital Government is about transforming business processes across government - on local, state, national, and global levels – to allow citizens’ easier, more convenient, secure access to government and public services. It encompasses technologies that enable everything from electronic tax filing to digital town halls. At its best, it promotes information sharing while protecting citizen privacy.

Enercom incorporates technology as the driver to lead the journey of public sector and government transformation to higher level of performance and smartness. Transparency, responsibilities, citizens’ participation, collaboration, safety, security, integration, efficiency, cost saving, effectiveness, innovation, quality, and speed are the results of this journey. Technologies and initiatives such as cloud computing, big data, analytics, geomatics, location-based services, consolidation, and shared services play a big role in the transformation process.

Creating Smarter Digital Government and Public Sector

Enercom helps next generation of governments and public service providers at all steps of their E-Transformation journey beyond the traditional E-Government and E-Services initiatives. We take the public sector beyond re-engineering and reforming their services to deliver multi-channel services over consolidated and shared infrastructure using shared services across the integrated enterprise. We partner with them to help them take a big step ahead towards smarter public infrastructure, smarter public services and smarter government.

In this journey government agencies and public sector enterprises need to utilize latest mobile technologies, location based services, mobile workforce tools, collaborative systems, and Internet of Everything in the connected and secure cyber space with highest level of privacy protection. We help them to be more flexible and agile to fast responding to the constant changes in the new dynamic world by using the leading edge technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Open Data, and Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Enercom also helps the public sector organizations in digital capacity building and digital enablement by using technology as the enabler of society and economy. The result is transforming service delivery across economy through smarter social service providers.